Atigun Incorporated is an equipment rental/sales company specializing in oilfield equipment. The company was incorporated in Alaska in 1991 and we rent equipment all over the State of Alaska, with our primary focus being the Kenai Peninsula and the North Slope. We also rent equipment in the Williston Basin in North Dakota, as well as Wyoming, Utah, Montana, and Colorado. Our inventory includes the following:

  • Storage tanks (certified 400-600 bbl Uprights and 500 bbl Frac Tanks)
  • Light plants
  • Transport Approved Double Wall Fuel Tanks 
  • Generators
  • Flameless Heaters
  • Compressors
  • Mud Boxes
  • Pumps
  • Boilers
  • Steam Trucks

Our clients include Exxon Mobil, ASRC, ConocoPhillips, Udelhoven, Peak, MI-Swaco, Halliburton, Tesoro, Hilcorp, Cook Inlet Energy, Expro Americas, British Petroleum, FedEx, XTO, Conam, CH2MHill, Continental Resources, Newfield Exploration, Linc Energy, Hunt, Baker Hughes, Pumpco, Petro Star, Whiting, and others.

Our corporate office is located at 54735 Industrial Avenue in Kenai, Alaska.

We have 2 locations in Watford City, North Dakota.

Tim Kirsch handles outside sales/operations in Alaska.

Jamie Bennett handles outside sales/operations in North Dakota